Pictori media library


Owing to a generous grant from the Academy of Korean Studies the ANU’s Korea Institute has proudly launched a new website:


Pictori enables users to upload, manage, share, and use all kinds of images related to Korean studies. Although many people will already be using other image hosting websites such as Flickr, Photobucket, Instagram or Pinterest, Pictori offers better protection, and more metadata input tools as well as geographic information, allowing users to indicate on a map exactly where a picture was taken. This feature is unique to image management sites, and it will hopefully provide a useful resource. Pictori also allows you to comment on pictures or ask for help in identifying them. Please view the About page for more information about the site, and its use.


NB: clicking on thumbnails will show the image and all known metadata (including a map where applicable). To see the full-size version of images, users must be logged in.

The Korea Institute hopes many people will sign up and upload images they think will be useful to others, in particular historians, anthropologists and cultural studies people working on Korea. If you happen to know some one who owns an interesting collection of images/photographs, please encourage him/her to have a look at the website since the site was definitely developed with them in mind.

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