Pictori online image library continues to grow

cinema_1977The Pictori online image library continues to grow. Over the past year a few hundred unique images have been added, all with metadata, including, in some cases, geographical location (geodata). The website can be browsed by anyone, but only registered users can download full-size images. Those interested in using an image in a publication are encouraged to contact the uploader/owner of the image;there may be a small charge involved, but since the site is specifically intended for those interested in Korean history and culture, we expect any such charge to be very reasonable.seoul_postoffice_1930s 

In 2013 several hundreds of photographs (in three albums) were donated by Mr Ross Milligan, the step-grandson of Harold Hardy-Smith (died in Narooma, Australia, on 31 July 1965), a mining engineer who lived in Korea and Japan around the years 1914 to 1916. The photo albums can be viewed at the Australian National University’s Menzies library. 

The website can be found here: http://www.pictori.net/

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