ANU Korea Update 2017 — Crossing Borders

The ANU Korea Update 2017 will take place on Friday, 22 September, 2017, at ANU’s Molonglo Theatre.

It brings together key representatives from the academic and policy-making communities to discuss recent political, economic, security and social issues related to Korea. This year’s Update is themed “Crossing Borders”. It includes panels on Park Geun-hye’s recent impeachment and the challenges faced by President Moon Jae-in’s administration; the strategic and economic position of North Korea; public trust in news and social media in Korea and Australia; the profiteering of funeral businesses in Korea; and social movements and religion. Participating in these dialogues will be distinguished speakers from academic and policy institutions in Australia, Korea, and Japan, including Prof Jae-Jung Suh, Dr David Hundt, Dr Andrew Jackson, and Assoc Prof Gil-Soo Han. This year’s keynote speaker is political scientist Prof HeeMin Kim from Seoul National University.

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