CFP: Globalising Men’s Style conference welcomes papers related to Korea

The London College of Fashion Masculinities Research Hub are delighted to announce their forthcoming conference Globalising Men’s Style. Over the past two decades men’s style, fashion and grooming have enjoyed an accelerated expansion. At the same time, the hegemony of Western fashion capitals has been challenged by innovative menswear practices, street style, and high-end design emanating out of new centres of creative practice.

Shifting approaches to masculine aesthetics, expanding and emerging markets, and the proliferation of representations via social media, have stimulated – and brought to a wider global attention – a set of diverse manifestations of men’s style. Menswear designers from Georgia, China, and South Korea are celebrated in the international fashion media, while sartorial subcultures from Central Africa and South Asia have gained international attention.

The Globalising Men’s Style conference aims to address the Occidentalism of scholarship relating to men’s style practices by expanding our field of vision. We welcome abstracts focusing on the fashion cultures of locales that are under-represented in existing literature and those that address globalisation and hybridity. Papers on Korea are particularly welcome. For more information, please link here

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