Cambridge Scholars Publishing is inviting book proposals in Modern East Asian Religion and Culture

The CSP Studies in Modern East Asian Religion and Culture (MEARAC) is a multidisciplinary book series of religion and related communities in the period of modern (from 1500 CE) or contemporary East Asia.

As the Series Editor (, I would like to invite book proposals you are currently working on. The works of phenomenological, comparative and transnational studies in Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism, New Religious Movements (NRMs), folk religions, Shamanism, and Christianity are welcome, while the MEARAC also consider the edition of papers that demonstrates new and vibrant discussions on specific themes.

The MEARAC is looking for high quality scholarship through the systematic use of different methodologies, such as history, religious studies, anthropology, sociology, visual arts, ethnology, culture, politics, archaeology, tourism, economic, anthropology, philosophy, theology, international relations, literature, psychology, translation, and regional studies. It regards the submission of research from all the regions of Japan, South Korea, China, North Korea, Taiwan, Mongolia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Macao and on international and multinational issues in which East Asia is the major point of focus.

If you are interested, please submit your book proposal (the form can be downloaded here).


Dr David Kim

Editor for the CSP Studies in Modern East Asian Religion and Culture (MEARAC), UK.

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