Korean studies programs

Below is a list of the main academic staff responsible for Korean studies programs at institutes across Australasia. It will never be complete and is indicative at best. Comments/updates are welcome!

Australian National University

  • A/Prof. Ruth Barraclough
  • A/Prof. Roald Maliangkay
  • Dr. Eunseon Kim

Deakin University

  • A/Prof. David Hundt
  • Dr. Jessica Walton
  • Dr. Danielle Chubb

Macquarie University

  • Dr. Sung-Ae Lee
  • Dr. Sung-Young Kim

Melbourne University

  • Dr Sunyoung Oh
  • Dr Jay Song

Monash University

  • A/Prof. Andy Jackson
  • A/Prof. Gil-Soo Han
  • Dr Lucien Brown
  • Dr Josie Sohn

Queensland University

  • Dr Min Jung Jee
  • Dr Isaac Lee
  • Dr Narah Lee

University of Auckland, NZ

  • Dr. Changzoo Song
  • Dr. Sunhee Koo
  • Dr. Patrick Thomson

University of New South Wales

  • Dr. Seong-Chul Shin
  • Dr. Gi-Hyun Shin
  • Dr. Greg Evon

University of Sydney

  • A/Prof. Ki-Sung Kwak
  • Dr. Benoit Berthelier
  • Dr. Su-Kyoung Hwang
  • Dr. Duk-Soo Park

University of Technology Sydney

  • Prof. Bronwen Dalton
  • Dr. Kyungja Jung

University of Western Australia

  • A/Prof. Jo Elfving-Hwang
  • Dr Nicola Fraschini

Victoria University of Wellington, NZ

  • A/Prof. Stephen Epstein