We appreciate your feedback! If you wish to comment on this website or anything related to the KSAA, or have a questions for a KSAA committee member, please first try contacting the respective committee member’s through his personal email address (which can be easily found through Google or one of the links below), or send an email to Roald.Maliangkay (*&^%$) (replacing *&^%$ with @).

KSAA President
Hyaeweol Choi (최혜월)
Director, Korea Institute
ANU-Korea Foundation Professor of Korean Studies
School of Culture, History and Language
College of Asia & the Pacific
Australian National University
Acton ACT 2601, Australia
Email: Hyaeweol.choi (*&^%$) (replacing *&^%$ with @)

Korean studies programs and research centres

Korean studies teaching programs and research centres in Australia and New Zealand are currently located at the following institutes:

Libraries (Korean Materials)

Institutions & Organisations

Korean Language/Studies Education at Schools

Portal Sites

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